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Questions and Answers about me and the work I do

Q:  What is Inspirationism?

A:   I call what I do Inspirationism: a blended therapy that incorporates your core values with breath, imagery and hypnotherapy. With this therapy it is possible to safely release the past and all it’s unwanted legacies such as addictions, depression, overeating and smoking. It is also possible to complete “unfinished business,” to rescue yourself from your past, and clear your mind so you can really begin to live today.

Q: What is an Inspirationist?

A: First, I’ll break down the word according to the dictionaries, and then define it on my own terms.
  Inspiration- (from late Latin: to breathe in.)
1) A breathing in, as air into the lungs, inhaling
2) An inspiring or being inspired mentally or emotionally
3) A stimulus to creative thought or action
4) A divine influence upon human beings

  Ist- (from Greek: to do or be)
1) A person who does, makes, or practices
2) A person skilled in or occupied with; (as a hypnotherapist)
3) An adherent of, believer in; (as an anarchist)

Any way a person could combine “inspiration” and “ist”, I feel it describes the work I do and who I am. The word “inspirationist” first popped into my brain in the year 1994. I did not know what it meant, but I liked the sound of it. Like a child tugging on my sleeve, this word just wouldn’t leave me alone, it kept popping into my head. I grabbed one of my several dictionaries to look it up. Alas, it wasn’t to be found in any of them. This word continued to bug me until I finally just asked: “My God, what is this word?!?” And the immediate response I got from inside myself was: “Why, it’s who you are! It’s what you are!” I did not take this response seriously until 1998, when I sat down and wrote down the possible meanings of the words. Once I really broke the words down, I realized it was true. It did sound like what I believed, and who I am. I practice the art of inspiration as a lifestyle. I practice inspiring peoples hearts, minds and bodies. I believe that God does speak to each of us, that manmade “intercessors” are unnecessary, and that we were created as ourselves to share that aspect of “Godliness” with the world. I believe that failure to express yourself as the person you were born to be constitutes a state of contempt. I believe that the thoughts we have and the dreams we dream should be honored and worked with, and not discarded in the face of organized, and some feel, soulless religions.  I believe that our breath comes from God, (whatever name/face you may or may not have for such), and that the only difference between life and death is one breath. When we begin to really breathe, we bring God more fully into our bodies, and all we are.

One other note I should make is this:  In researching the word “inspirationist” on the World Wide Web in 2002, I discovered that members of a community in Iowa also call themselves Inspirationists. They are descendants of the Community of True Inspiration, a group that split off from the Lutheran church of the 1700’s, in Europe. These were humble and pious people who felt that the Lutheran church of their day did not address the deeply felt concerns of their souls. They truly wanted a return to “the basics of Christianity,” which to them included a far more personal experience with God than their current church offered, and regular Bible study. The group that originally separated from the Lutheran church were known as the Pietists, and from that group the Community of True Inspiration was born, founded by J.F. Rock, and E.L. Gruber. They left Europe in the mid nineteenth century and lived near Buffalo, New York, for a time before settling permanently in Iowa. These settlements are now known as the Amana Colonies. (Amana means: “believe faithfully.”)

 I do declare that I came upon the word “Inspirationist” by completely inspirational means and did not know of the existence of the Amana Colonies at all when I chose to define and title myself as an Inspirationist.  After perusing their belief in the concept of God speaking to or revealing to people directly and personally, I decided that I am correct in my description of myself and of my work. I do state that I am an Inspirationist, if only as described by the dictionaries, and also my own heart and mind, and that I certainly mean no offense to any members of the Amana Colonies in titling myself as such.

I am unaffiliated with the Amana Colonies and also to the group known as the Community of True Inspiration.

Q: What are your qualifications to do this work?

A: The college of life is where I started. I have experienced childhood sexual abuse, foster homes, incest from trusted relatives, physical abuse, non-existent health care, and poor nutrition. When I left my “home,” I went to college, the bulk of my studies being in psychology, and also indulged myself in all manner of therapies I hoped would help me regain the things I felt I had been robbed of. Over the next fifteen years, I took courses in massage and bodywork, Jungian psychology and dreamwork, and hypnotherapy. I have extensive clinical experience, having worked “hands on” for six different doctors. I also have three years of the foremost training and experience in the spa industry today.  I have trained with and received nationally recognized certificates as a Certified Hypnotherapist (CH), and Master Hypnotist (MH), from David Quigley at the Alchemical Institute of Hypnotherapy in Santa Rosa, California. I received my training and certification in massage and related bodywork at the Colorado School of Massage Therapy in Lakewood, Colorado. I have also received training in Jungian-style dream analysis from the Center for Jungian Mysticism in Denver, Co. I have been approved by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners to practice in all fifty states of the U.S.A., New Zealand and Japan. I am also member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. I also have training in movement reeducation, bioenergetic synchronization technique, and polarity therapy. I have accumulated over two thousand hours of schooling and training.

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