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The “Diamond Life” Concept:

An Inspirational Analogy

Imagine for a moment a big, clear, sparkly diamond. It’s a thing of beauty now, but it wasn’t always. It was most probably dug up from a dark cave, all rough, and sharp ended perhaps, and probably really dirty, too. Then it traveled overseas to a completely different place, and then washed, and studied intently before it began the process of being cut and polished. A diamond can only ever be truly brilliant if all its’ facets are cut the right size for the weight and shape of the diamond, and if it has been correctly polished.

 Now imagine that you are a diamond. Are you shining and living your “diamond life”?

Are you still buried in the cave? Do you need to go to a place completely different, (in your mind), and study yourself until you see what parts of your life need to be released so you will have a chance at shining? Diamonds range from a simple emerald cut, with fewer facets, to a more complex marquis cut with many more facets. What kind of diamond are you? Whether you lead a life of complexity or simplicity, shining won’t happen without careful cutting and polishing of each facet.

When Michelangelo completed his Statue of David, astonished patrons asked him: “How did you do this?!”  He replied: “I just chipped away at everything that wasn’t David.”

This is what Inspirationism can do for you. This is a therapy that can and does help people excavate their hopes and dreams buried inside the cave. It can help you truly and finally release the past, no matter what the past is. The best part of it all is that you get to deal with the past on your terms, satisfying yourself that it really is over and a new day is here. You get to wash off of your heart, mind and soul the ideas about life and yourself that others put upon you, chip away at everything that isn’t really you, and then polish yourself based upon YOUR values, needs and wants. It is simple, safe, and often produces permanent results in one session.

Commonly Polished Facets

Emotional Clearing:

In every life, events happen that change how we view the world, or how we feel about ourselves. When something happens our brains form a story, based on the information at hand, to try to explain away the great “Why?” This is why children often blame themselves for their parents’ difficulties. With their lack of experience in the world, the information they gather is incomplete and therefore the conclusion they arrive at is usually wrong. The problem is, children will usually believe their own story about a problem, regardless of what mom and dad say, because their lack of experience keeps them from fully grasping the situation as it is. So, twenty years later, as adults, those same misconceptions and wrong conclusions arrived at in childhood continue to keep people from really trusting themselves and enjoying life. Divorce, incest and sexual abuse, being ignored, death, disasters: everything that came over the wire of our brains and bodies as humans, and our beliefs about those moments, form the basis of who we are as adults. If you are ready to finally be “over” a problem, call me for the emotional clearing that can rescue you and set you truly free.

Addictions and Fears:

Sometimes emotional clearing alone is enough to stop an addiction or a compulsive fear.  Are you a smoker wanting to stop? Inspirationism can take you inside yourself to actually talk to the part of you that started smoking, reason with it, and then find an attractive and constructive alternative that satisfies the original drive that got you smoking to begin with. The same process is used for overeating. If you just keep eating and eating and nothing takes away the hunger and pain inside, give that hungry part of yourself some Inspirationism and try food for your soul and emotions. It really hits the spot.


What would your life look like if you walked out your front door every day knowing and truly feeling how valuable you are? Would you still work at the same place? Have the same friends? Would people treat you differently? Would YOU treat you differently? If you really want to know what lies at the heart of your fear of success or your “self deprecating” nature, Inspirationism can help you find it. If you feel like a common pebble next to diamonds, think everyone else’s feelings are worth more than yours, then you deserve to discover your own brilliance and learn to believe it and live it. Inspirationism can take you there.

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